Unless something goes wrong, you probably don't spend much time fretting over your bones. But just because you weren't thinking about them doesn't mean no one was.

The video above illustrates the goings-on at Italy-based biotech firm Finceramica. They manufacture a unique, bioceramic material that helps regenerate broken bones, working with surgeons to create custom implants for all kinds of patients. This involves surgeons worldwide sharing data like CT scans and 3-D prototypes with engineers in Italy.

Since snail mail is too slow for projects this urgent, Finceramica joined up with Tecla.it, an IBM business partner. This collaboration allowed them to access confidential medical data from all over the world in an instant, and build bespoke 3-D models. Together, they created the Custom Bone Service, a virtual workshop in the cloud. Surgeons can create new clinical cases, upload CT scan data, and send it off to Faenza — pottery capital of Italy and home to Finceramica. Once there, engineers can take that data and sculpt it into finely shaped regenerative models. Boom. Bone implants.

Merging your broken bones with custom-made Italian implants could be a life-changing connection, and the cloud helps make it possible. Check out IBM's array of cloud business products and see all the ways you can connect to people who matter.


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