Business Analytics Go Great with Your Cleaner, Greener City

By now, you probably have a decent sense of how important data is to your midsize business. You might even think you collect it like a pro. Customer satisfaction surveys? No problem. Financial reports? Easy! You’re practically drowning in data waiting to be mined. »6/19/13 11:59am6/19/13 11:59am

How the Cloud Can Save You Money and Keep Your Office Free of Dog Hair

Part of running a successful business is saving money where it matters. You thought that you could do just that by installing a few pay elevators around the office. (Hey, if an employee wants to move between floors, the company might as well get a cut, right?) Wrong. Instead, your staff is now too broke to afford… »6/05/13 11:59am6/05/13 11:59am

Here's Why Productivity Is a Big Deal for Successful Businesses

For a business to be successful, it must run like a well-oiled machine. If you don’t intend on losing tons of money due to rampant inefficiency, having things run like clockwork is an absolute must. Business should move at a swift, steady, and reliable pace. Like marching to the beat of a drum. No, not actually »5/23/13 11:59am5/23/13 11:59am